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Our Mission

We believe better healthcare at a lower cost is not only possible, but imperative. By better aligning payers, providers, and patients, we can achieve a proactive healthcare system that optimizes healthcare delivery to the overall population.

That is why we created an ecosystem of AI driven technologies. We aim to simplify an overly complex healthcare system and ensure the delivery of standards of care that drive better clinical and financial outcomes.

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"Using Congruity, we at Vestra, are now able to deliver proactive care to improve health outcomes and reduce spending for our members. That proof of savings has empowered us to coordinate direct contracting for many of
our services."

- Chief Executive Officer

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"Congruity has the right team, insight and technology to deliver against our vision to provide better access to targeted care while bending the cost curve."

- President

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"Congruity has the potential to transform the telehealth industry into a proactive, cost-saving machine."

- Chief Executive Officer

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Integrity. Trust. Excellence.

Our name and products are trusted across the healthcare industry. As Congruity Health grows, we remain driven by our commitment to privacy, healthcare data protection, and cyber security. We take our position as a trusted third party seriously and we strive for ethical standards and excellence in every decision we make.

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